Friday, September 16, 2011

Miss Humanity International 2011 Contestant - Miss Tunisia, Zaynab Dabeib's Photo & Profile/Biography

    Profile Info
    Republic of Tunisia
    26 years
    172.00 cm
    Flight Attendant
    Liberty, order and justice
    I grew up in the Nederlands which was where I gained my secondary education. After leading secondary school I enrolled in an Airline Flight Attendants course which enabled me to becmoe a qualified Airline Attendant. It is my ambition to train and supervise new flight attendants later in my career.I was crowned Queen of Tunsia at the Queen of the World beauty pageant and was a runer up in Miss Benelux. My experience in pageantry has afforded me great opportunities and exposed me cultures from around the world. It is a great thing to be able to showcase talent, intellect and unique tidbits about my beautiful country Tunisia.

    Humanitarian Advocacy:

    Everyone knows that in the Arab world and also in my country Tunisia (where the Arab Spring started) people are working to develop democracy through various forms of revolutions.Many young people in my country are highly trained and possess qualifications but are barely able to get a job due to gender discriminiation, corruption, and poor economy. This pageant comes at a perfect time to advocate against these ills and so my focus shall be on WOMEN'S RIGHTS. Women should be entitled to the same freedoms experienced by men. In some countries the rights of women have been engrained in the laws of the land, is part of culture or a way of life while in other women are severely oppressed. Women are entitled to an education, the ability to vote, to be paid fair salaries, choice to change religion or serve in jobs previously dominated by men. During this pageant I shall be advocating strongly on behalf of not only Tunisian women but women around the world who feel suppresed.

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